Energy Wall is the developer and manufacturer of a new generation of high efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilator products (ERV) creatively designed to provide high efficiency and reliable performance over time.
The innovative energy recovery core, which is at the heart of all Energy Wall products, uses a patented ceramic fiber membrane, and powerful hydrophilic materials  to reach levels of efficiency never before achievable in fixed plate-type systems. Energy Wall’s technology is a true industry “game-changer”.
Energy Wall’s technology uses commonly available materials that are 100% recyclable. No exotic chemicals or rare earth elements are used, and no effluent or hazardous waste is produced in the processing and manufacturing of Energy Wall products.
The company was founded in 2008 by Dustin M. Eplee, an engineer/inventor, with a Masters of Architectural Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. Starting from 2004, Dustin became interested in developing superior membranes that could transfer energy more efficiently, at lower cost, and without using exotic materials.

In 2008, Dustin founded Energy Wall to pursue his interest in membrane technology, and now serves as its President and Chief Technology Officer.