U-HRV 600 Series​

U-ERV 600 Standard Features Industry Standard Comparison
Airflow Range:0 to 800 CFM [600 Rated]Fully Variable ECM+ Remote Fan Modulation
Dimensions:54” L X 32” D X 12” Height2-4X Smaller Size
Ultra Lightweight:98 lbs2.5X Lighter (Varies by Options)
AHRI 1060 Tested Core:EWT-11-42Counterflow plate-type, heat and humidity transfer
 HWT-11-42Counterflow plate-type, heat-only transfer or condensing wrap-around application
Sensible Efficiency:73% @ 600 SCFMUp to 90% Possible
Latent Efficiency:63% @ 600 SCFMUp to 70% Possible
Total Efficiency:69% @ 600 SCFMUp to 80% Possible
Exhaust Air Transfer:ZeroGood for Bathroom Exhaust, Laboratories, Hospitals
Cost:Lowest InstalledLower transport, installation, maintenance and fan energy costs
Minimal Maintenance:Filters @ 3-6 monthsTotal qty. 4, MERV 8: 21”X 5.25“ X 2” (Actual Size)
Stack Multiple Modules:Vertical or HorizontalPatented design – a single duct will connect to multiple U-ERVs
Fan Motors:ECM+>1.0 CFM/Watt @ 600 SCFM
 IP68 RatedVariable Airflow adjustability & balancing with mechanical turn potentiometers
  Remote Variable Airflow adjustability via 0-10V signal
Antimicrobial Membrane:Salt / CeramicProven highly antimicrobial without the addition of additives
Like a UV Light:MERV 11 EquivalenceActively kills bacteria flowing with both airstreams
Non-Fused Disconnect:Exterior Rated UL98Lowers Installed Cost – Defeatable Lockout For Safe Access
Application:Any OrientationUniversal Compatibility for Bolt-on, Roof-top, Exterior or Interior Installation
Electrical Power:Universal Input AC or DC90 to 264 VAC Input (50/60Hz) or 40 to 370 VDC Input
Extreme Exterior Shell:Carbon Infused PolypropyleneCorrosion Proof, double wall construction
  Nano-particle metal-oxide insulation
                     External Static Pressure at 600 SCFM               90 to 264 VAC Input (50/60 Hz)                  40 to 350 VDC Input
  SupplyExhaustWeight120 VAC230 VAC208 VAC55.2 VDC255 VDC255 VDC
Model NumberType(in. w.g.)(in. w.g.)(lbs.)1Ø(Amps)1Ø(Amps)3Ø(Amps)(Amps)(Amps)(Amps)
UHRV 600LLSensible0.50.5987.94.64.616.23.52.6
UHRV 600HHSensible2.02.010613.
UHRV 600LHSensible0.52.010210.75.85.821.04.63.3
UHRV 600HLSensible2.00.510210.75.85.821.04.63.3